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"Great education. After just one hour I now know why I have been getting the results I have from Mexico."
Abdul Malik
Founder of California Trading International

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Insider Secrets
Now in its 3rd edition

"Insider Secrets for Doing Business in Mexico"

This book is a powerful collection of expert advice distilled through experiences spanning almost fifteen years of doing business in Mexico. This book was written and designed for business people like you who want solid, practical information instead of untested theories. Discover insights into what you will experience as your company does business with Mexico.

The most common business situations companies encounter are highlighted along with stories from the trenches. Discover what works and what to avoid so you and your company can enjoy increased sales and profits from doing business in Mexico.

Barbara I. Pardue
"Save yourself and your organization thousands of dollars by purchasing, reading and implementing Richard Villasana's 'Insider Secrets for Doing Business in Mexico'. And hurry, before your competition beats you to it!"

Barbara I. Pardue
former Senior Cabinet Officer and Director of Arkansas Department of Economic Development

"After reading Villasana's book I can now see several of the practices I considered to be a standard operating procedure in Mexico probably irked some of the U.S. suppliers we do business with, and now I can compensate for this."

Cesar Gutierrez Ubach
Former General Manager, Advertising Agency
Baja California, Mexico

Mike Davis
"Villasanas book should be required reading for anyone interested in increasing their business in Mexico. Weve been dealing with Mexican customers over the years. We were able to immediately apply his advice to upgrade our communication. Our Mexicans customers can focus on our products and services instead of finding cultural mistakes."

Mike Davis
Sales Manager
HydrauliCircuit Technology Inc.
Stockbridge, GA

Satisfied customer
San Diego Public Library purchasing copies of the first edition of Insider Secrets for Doing Business in Mexico.

Roger C. Parker
"The book is great. What the book offers is an introduction to the importance of 'when in Rome, do as the Romans' behavior."

Roger C. Parker, Internet Guru
Author of Design To Sell and dozens more.

Amy Grossman
"What you have is so useful to anyone thinking of doing business in Mexico."

Amy Grossman
Broader Vision Coaching Company

Price: $29.75 (Print edition)
Price: $24.75 (eBook edition)*

* eBook purchases are non-refundable.

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