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"Great education. After just one hour I now know why I have been getting the results I have from Mexico."
Abdul Malik
Founder of California Trading International

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You don't realize it, but in the next few minutes you are going to discover the secret to how leading U.S. companies get their marketing and sales up and running in new foreign markets. If you're like me, you understand how important and costly time is. By the time you finish reading this page, you will know how you and your company can save time and money and be doing business in the Mexican market faster than you might imagine possible.

Just imagine the kind of time investment companies commit to find distributors in Mexico. Companies invest thousands of dollars and months, even years, to identify potential Mexican distributors.

And while this research project is going on, personnel are siphoned from other critical projects that could impact domestic operations, sales and profits.

Computer company loses hundreds of thousands of dollars

The third largest computer manufacturer in the U.S. was preparing to enter the Mexican market. To sell their products in Mexico, this company was required to obtain product safety certification. One of the requirements was that the company had to list a Mexican distributor in the documentation before receiving final certification.

After one year this company, projected to have gross revenues exceeding $800 million in 2006, still had not found a distributor to list for the certification. The company's efforts to expand into the extremely lucrative Mexico computer market was stopped cold by their inability to find one Mexican distributor.

Just imagine how much money was wasted during one full year while the Vice President of Sales for Latin America and his staff tried to locate one, single distributor in Mexico.

The Internet is not the answer

Based on surveys from hundreds of marketers and business owners, less than 10% find the Mexican companies they are looking for. It's very likely that you have also tried to find potential distributors on the Internet and have not been satisfied with the results. You're probably wondering why it's challenging to locate Mexican business online.

Here are some surprising reasons why it is difficult to find Mexican businesses on the Internet:
  • FACT! The majority of businesses in Mexico are simply not listed on-line. Most portals for Mexico list only a few companies in any one category. I found a web site that had only one attorney listed for Mexico City with a population of more than 21 million residents.

  • Even though telecommunication costs are dropping in Mexico, the majority of businesses do not have multiple telephone lines. Some businesses still do not have a dedicated fax line. This also means that these businesses do not have an online presence.

  • Only a fraction of business listings from printed government records are digitized in any format. If information is not digitized, it cannot be on the Internet.

Little by little you begin to see that despite your best efforts, the information you want is very hard to find through the Internet. You're intelligent enough to know that there has to be a better, more cost effective way to identify potential Mexican distributors.

U.S. medical equipment manufacturer tarnishes reputation and loses hundreds of thousands of dollars

An Alabama manufacturer, deciding how they were going to enter international markets including Mexico, was approached by a team of international marketing experts who had key government contacts in the leading health institutions in Mexico. In 2001, the combined budget of these institutions for new equipment was over US$37 billion.

The owner decided to hire an old friend to handle the internaional marketing. A few months later, one of the experts called and chatted with this new marketing director. During the call, the marketing director commented, "This international stuff is really kicking me. I'm reading a dozen magazines a month trying to get a handle on what's going on."

The result was the company entered markets without researching if their product would require modification to meet local electrical standards and foreign customers found that they couldn't even turn on the equipment because of incompatibility issues.

The image and reputation of this company was tarnished and unless changes are made, it's unlikely this company, that was full of potential growth, will ever gain solid market shares in other countries because the owner decided to use local, domestic talent for his international business instead of experienced international marketers.

Companies offering database solutions are not the answer

What results do you think you might get from going to U.S. companies offering access to their databases? At least one of these companies puts on national seminars and claims to have databases of companies in Mexico.

If you are like other business owners, you may have found after careful examination that these companies have incredible databases on U.S. and Canadian companies, but their listing for Mexico is incredibly meager.

One company that specializes in SEO, Search Engine Optimization, explained they were searching for resources after having looked at the database offering from one leading U.S. company. They were shocked by the lack of information about Mexican companies.

Additionally, the company's owner said he had serious concerns on how current the information is in these databases. With over 60% of small businesses going out of business within two years, how helpful will information be that is three years old?

Case Study: High priced distributor list

Another marketer told me that they had been quoted $4,000 - $5,000 for a list of potential distributors. The only problem is that the company will not give out the number of Mexican businesses on their list. The marketer has no way of knowing if the list has qualified candidates and decided to pass on the offer.

U.S. Department of Commerce is not the answer

Let's face another harsh reality that despite the best of intentions, information from the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) can be limited and outdated. Everyone knows that DOC employees and contractors in Mexico are stretched thin handling more work with less staff. The fact of the matter is that most distributor lists have listings that are not verified for accuracy.

Most professionals know that the DOC only offers one list for a particular industry. So if your industry is construction, both you and every other competitor in construction are knocking on the same doors trying to identify potential Mexican distributors. You deserve a more specialized, customized service, don't you?

Embassy lists are not the answer

If your company has received a list of distributors from your embassy or consulate in Mexico, there is no assurance that the list is any more current or "fresh" than a list purchased from the U.S. Department of Commerce. To further reinforce this point about lists, read on about a couple of situation I ran into while in Mexico City.

Recycled distributor list from U.S. Department of Commerce

One executive with a California computer products manufacturer explained that he had had several visits from members of the local ITA, International Trade Association. One of several divisions of the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC), ITA offers assistance to prospective U.S. exporters. The executive explained that ITA had offered to sell him a list of distributor but added, "Sure. I can get a list from them [ITA], but it's the same, generic list that everyone in the industry is getting."

Most professionals want a customized list for their company's particular needs rather than a "one size fits all" generic list of companies. And the problems with lists from the Department of Commerce don't stop here.

(see next story)


Costly and useless listings from U.S. Department of Commerce

A few years ago, a client, the owner of a company supplying radiology products, told his story about ordering a list of Mexico medical companies through the DOC. Due to system limitations, the owner could not specify the particular subcategory he wanted, x-ray tubes for CT scanners. He had to simply put in a request for medical companies.

The results were horrendous. One company on the list sold light bulbs. Another sold lamps. A few sold everything from diapers and silverware to rope and sundry items. These companies list with the DOC in the hope that if they offer everything, they will capture business from unsuspecting companies looking for a supplier or distributor in Mexico.

One company was a dental office. The last listing was for a legitimate medical company; however, the company did not even handle radiology products or equipment much less x-ray tubes.

The entire investment was wasted as was the time to order the list and then to research each company.

Imagine if you could have experts on Mexico do the research and identify potential distributors for you.

  • What plans would you start making for new sales and profits if you knew you would be negotiating with Mexican business partners in the next ninety days?

  • Wouldn't it be wonderful if you had to increase production and hire new staff?

  • Imagine having to spend time thinking about what to do with the increased profits?

You and your company can experience increased production, rising sales and accelerated profits with Mexico. If you and your company are ready to expand to Mexico, make the investment to have an expert who will make your company money while saving it from wasting tens of thousands of dollars.

Karina Johnson

Desperate marketing manager finally found her solution

Karina Johnson, a Marketing Manager, was struggling to find a supplier of concrete for a development project in Chihuahua, Mexico. Her company had searched for months on the Internet without success to locate Mexican companies for the project. Within just a few days, our researcher provided Karina with the names and contact information of three suppliers of concrete. Karina wrote, "I will tell everyone about your service. I am thrilled my company's project can now move forward."

Karina Johnson
Houston, TX

If you and your company...
  • Are sick at the idea of spending more time on-line with no guaranteed results

  • Have not located the businesses you want to find

  • And are ready to move forward NOW with your marketing to Mexico, then...

We have the solution

Maybe your company is ready to expand into Mexico. You are the person in charge to get the market up and running. Unfortunately, you just don't have the time necessary to contact potential distributors and follow up with them.

Think of making use of a team of experts to do your research. Our company is 100% Hispanic owned. Most of our support personnel are Mexicans. Let our staff take over the chore of identifying potential distributors. You and your company will save time, money and aggravation. Your company could be just weeks away from having distributors selling your products in Mexico, one of the largest economies in the WORLD! This is what you and your company want, isn't it?

Services offered by our company

Our company focuses in working with U.S. and foreign firm that want to enter the Mexican market or expand their present market in Mexico through distributors. Below are some of the industries our company specilaizes in:

  • Medical

  • Telecommunications

  • Electronics

  • Electrical (products)

  • Construction (equipment)

Our company also specializes in training and workshops on several areas of business:

  • Mexico's NOM Certification

  • Mexico Business Practices

  • Government Bids (Licitaciones)

How our services works

  • Your company provides the desired specifications that your potential distributor(s) should have.

  • Our company works with you to identify any additional requirements.

  • Once your company confirms the qualities it wants in its distributors or suppliers, our company goes to work to locate an appropriate match.

It's that simple. If you are still reading this far down the page, you clearly want a solution so that your company can enter the Mexico market. Avoid the loss of time of having your staff sending out emails and letters and then having to follow up over the next months or years. Pass all those details to our company so your company can concentrate on more important matters.

The benefits to your company are:

  • You can get started doing business with Mexico without first having to find someone who speaks Spanish and who knows how business is done in Mexico.

  • Your company is introduced to potential distributors and suppliers by Mexican professionals who have a combined experience of over 30 years working and dealing with Mexican executives.

  • You start negotiating with Mexican companies that can deliver the level of service and support you want because your company sets the criteria we use to qualify your potential distributors.

What's your first step?

Email us with the name, title and contact information of the person who will be your company's liaison with Marketing To Mexico as well as your industry. A representative will contact you to gather more information about your project. You will receive a customized service to best meet your company's goals for the Mexico market.

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