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"Great education. After just one hour I now know why I have been getting the results I have from Mexico."
Abdul Malik
Founder of California Trading International

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International Consultant,
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Does your company wants to enter the Mexican market with your product? Maybe your company needs guidance to know where businesses are located in Mexico that want to buy and handle your products. Your company may have struggled to find distributors or has distributors but sales are not growing.

Perhaps your company is already doing business in Mexico but sales are stagnant. Your company wants to expand its market but doesn't know where to go next. International business development is vital if your business wants to expand its market. No matter where your company is in the marketing cycle, you can get the expertise you want to enter the Mexican market and grow your business and profits.

Davy Tyburski
"Richard is the real deal! By using one of his strategies, we improved the profitability of one of our Latin American deals by 30%! If you're serious about improving your profits in Latin America, especially in Mexico - you have to implement his strategies and techniques."

Davy J. Tyburski
President and CEO
Profit InnerCircle

You may have heard stories about companies that spent tens of thousands, even millions of dollars to enter the Mexican market and then ran into one obstacle after another. Many closed up shop after suffering miserable sales and the lose of their investment in Mexico.

So what's one of the biggest mistakes so devastating that it has caused even multi-national companies such as Microsoft and Wal-Mart to lose hundreds of millions of dollars? Not knowing the business culture is one of the key reasons U.S. companies struggle and fail internationally. This lack of knowledge can be very costly to businesses wanting to enter the Mexican market.

"Cultural understanding is one of the hidden secrets to your business and marketing success."

Richard Villasana
The Mexico Guru

Now imagine if your company could take action to help guarantee its success and save it from suffering the same enormous financial losses?

Companies such as Cisco Systems, National Drager, Comet AG and AT&T have come to Richard Villasana, known as The Mexico Guru, for help with their marketing to Mexico. These companies want an expert on Mexico and come to Richard to get the training and consulting they need to successfully market in Mexico.

Distribution in over 20 countries
Under the guidance of Richard Villasana, his company has established distribution for the export of U.S. products in over twenty countries including Mexico, Australia, Ecuador, Morocco, Chile and Italy.

Barbara I. Pardue
"Any business, government official or visitor to Mexico would benefit from Lic. Villasana's specific advice."

Barbara I. Pardue
former Senior Cabinet Officer and Director of Arkansas Department of Economic Development

Richard has appeared several times on ABC and been interviewed by NBC and KPBS Radio.

CRM magazine
Richard has been interviewed by BusinessWeek and featured in trade magazines such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

The Mexico Guru profiled by the
San Diego Business Journal

San Diego Business Journal

Envision having access to expertise so you
can increase sales and profits in Mexico
in the next three to six month!

Give your company these benefits:

  • Increase your company's profits beyond your U.S. market selling to Mexican customers.

  • Quickly identify potential Mexican distributors and suppliers so you can generate revenue as soon as possible.

  • Receive expert advice that will help you identify the best distributors and suppliers saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted time and money.

  • Work with an expert on Mexico who has "been there, and still doing that" and who can help you avoid losing out on millions of dollars in missed business opportunities.

Let us do the same for you.

Don't make the critical mistake of trying to enter the Mexican market alone. Our company can provide you with the resources and expert services you need to find the right businesses in Mexico, start generating revenue and have ongoing support as your company grows and expands in Mexico.

  • Stuck and want someone you can rely on to get your project or marketing moving forward FAST? With our Mexico Consulting Service, get access to Richard Villasana, The Mexico Guru, so your company can have a solid marketing strategy to enter the Mexican market and start generating profits as soon as possible.

  • Get access to experts who will locate reputable Mexican companies for you. The right Mexican company will generate sales and revenue while saving your company tens of thousands of dollars in wasted time, meetings and hidden difficulties down the road.

  • Discover little known, but powerful secrets to doing business in Mexico. The majority of U.S. companies enter the Mexican market with little or no knowledge of the business practices in Mexico. This weakness can cripple a company's efforts and cause the loss of tens of thousands, even millions of dollars in investment.

Your next step is...

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  • Have experts locate the right Mexican businesses for you. Click here.

  • Have Richard Villasana, the Mexico Guru, help your company expand your market and accelerate your sales and profits in Mexico. Click here.

I look forward to working together with you to help you achieve your goals in Mexico.


Richard Villasana
Richard Villasana

Richard Villasana, The Mexico Guru
CEO, Marketing To Mexico

627 H Street, Suite A342 Chula Vista, California 91910-4200 USA | Phone: (619) 632-5443 | Fax: (617) 608-2381

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